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Speed Test PTCL is the best tool that provides 100% accurate details of your internet speed connections.


Speed Test PTCL is the fastest platform from where you can easily check the internet connection speed within a few seconds.


Speed Test PTCL is a reliable tool that provides you the information about your internet speed without any scam.

PTCL Speed Test

PTCL Speed Test is a tool that enables users to monitor their internet speed. The use of the Internet has increased many folds in the past ten years and is increasing day by day. Due to this increase in usage, many users suffer from slow net speed. You are in the right place to monitor all your PTCL Internet speed information. It also provides a complete assay of your upload download speed along with the ping and jitter.

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)

PTCL is a state-owned telecommunication corporation that provides internet and telephone services nationwide. It operates around 2000 telephone exchanges, providing the largest fixed-line network. Users can also benefit from their broadband services. After the privatization program by Minister Shaukat Aziz, 26% of its shares were bought by Etisalat Telecommunication, while the remaining 12% by the general public.

Internet Speed Test:

The Internet world is too diverse to give you a thousand results of a single query. Internet speed is measured by the data exchange rate between your device(laptop or mobile phone) to the nearest exchange that receives the data. Your data transfer speed depends upon the quality of the network and the internet package you are using.

The Internet Speed Test is a primary tool that enables even non-specialists to learn the basics of their internet connection, like the download, upload, ping rate, ping test, and jitter. These all parameters can help to assess the quality of the Internet. For example, if a person uses the Internet at 4 Mbps, its speed is slower than the other with 8 Mbps. Most internet speed testing sites are connected to speedtest.net by Ookla, which provides a clear image of your internet connection.

Note: This speed test tool originally belongs to Ookla (speedtest.net)

PTCL Internet Packages:

PTCL provides a wide range of broadband packages from a minimum of 6 Mbps to a maximum of 100 Mbps.

How To Check PTCL Internet Speed:

Our PTCL Speed Test tool provides you with the best and most authentic and accurate results. This net speed test tool will help you with the most accurate value of the speed of your internet connection:

  • Reach on the https://speedtestptcl.pk at your browser, where you can see the “Go” button.
  • Click the “Go” button. This tool will do your net speed testing.
  • A user-friendly and easy report of your Internet speed is generated within a blink of an eye.

Speed test Report

It is recommended to perform internet speed testing at least two times for an error-free result and give you results based on two-time intervals.

Download, Upload Speed, and Ping:

Internet Speed Test measures the time the data is transferred from your device to the network or in the opposite direction. According to this, speed is of two types:

  • Download Speed

In simple words, it is the amount of data transferred from the Internet to your device per time. Such as loading pages in a browser, mailbox files, online games, videos, photos, etc.

  • Upload Speed

The speed of uploading something to the Internet or WWW(World Wide Web). Like sending files, photos, videos or uploading them to social networks or websites.
Simply, it means the rate of the trader of data from your device to the Internet.

  • Ping

A ping(Packet Internet or Inter-Network Groper) is an internet program that allows a user to check and verify if a particular destination (Internet Protocol) address exists and can allow the requests in computer network administration.

In the case of internet speed testing, ping is used to test and determine how quickly a data signal transfers from one place, like a computer, to another, like a website. It is also used to determine the response time and test the connectivity.